• <span>Stop</span> cancer!


  • we WANT yOU to prevent cancer!
    we WANT
    to prevent
  • Taking action against <span>cancer!</span>

    Taking action
    against cancer!

The Equipment

New Flamehoods

The flame-retardant hoods with membrane fitting protect the transition region between the jacket collar and the helmet-mask combination. In this way the contact of cancer-causing substances with the skin in this area is reduced.

complete membrane fitting

thermo physiologically optimized upper head area

New closure solutions

for LION protective equipment

Penetration of flue gas under the clothing is reduced by means of new closure solutions at potentially dangerous points in the protective clothing.

The turnout jacket is additionally closed off by by means of the use of multi layered wicking barriers.

Further closures of lining laminate in the trouser legs prevents the penetration of flue gas.

Fluorescent Aerosol Screening Test (FAST)

In cooperation with LION Group Inc. and the North Carolina State University an initial prototype for the permeability of critical substances in differing positions and movements was tested at the RTI International in June 2016.
With the aid of a spray of fluorescent particles it was possible under black light to determine those points at which the particles touched the skin of the test person.  

Examination of the black-light images showed no permeation of substances through to the skin in the case of the patented closures from the LION Group Inc.

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